OC Speakers Network
Tuesday, Sep 4th, 1-3pm


The OC Speaker’s Network is for YOU, a professional who is a speaker in your field of expertise. The intention of the network is to build trust and relationships among speakers in Southern California, so we can refer contacts, book and deliver presentations with ease and efficiency through support, education, and collaboration.

Cost: $10 when you pay on Meetup or $20 cash/check at the door

Authenticity Presence and Connection: Critical Ingredients for Impactful Presentations

With Wendy Darling

We all want to make certain our messages are heard and that our audience receives some level of impact. But how you show up, how you share yourself with your audience, makes the difference between an ‘ok’ presentation and an impactful one.

  • Learn how to be more authentic in your presentations.
  • Discover ways to connect with your audience within a matter of seconds  
  • Learn how to utilize the power of your mind and the wisdom of your heart to bring your one-of-a-kind presence and a magnetic energy to your presentations

Wendy Darling is the founder of the Miraculous Living Institute.  With over 36 years of experience as a relationship and transformational results expert, speaker, seminar facilitator, management and organizational development consultant, master healer and coach, Wendy’s has created a unique and innovative system, the Miraculous Living Method, that allows you to get the results you want with greater ease and speed.

How to Appear Bigger Than You Are

With Diane Forster

Diane talks about how to stand out in the crowded space of speakers and entrepreneurs and how to get noticed, even if you don’t have a big following or budget.

You will learn:

  • The importance of consistency
  • Smart marketing strategies that cost little to no money
  • Make a greater impact by focusing smaller

Diane Forster is the Founder and CEO of “I HAVE TODAY.”  Through Diane’s own re-invention journey, she created the company based on a poem she wrote, followed by a best-selling book.  Diane is known as an Intentional Living and Reinvention Specialist. She is also a best-selling author, an award-winning inventor, a keynote speaker, and TV show host. Diane spent 32 years working in advertising and television sales, sold over $100 Million in ad sales. She is also the CEO of Diane Forster Innovation – the Inventor of THE SPIFTER.


What to share/bring:

  • Business Cards
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What topics do you present?
  • Examples of presentations you’ve led


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