OC Speakers Network
Tuesday, March 6th, 1-3pm


The OC Speaker’s Network is for YOU, a professional who is a speaker in your field of expertise. The intention of the network is to build trust and relationships among speakers in Southern California, so we can refer contacts, book and deliver presentations with ease and efficiency through support, education, and collaboration.

Cost: $10 when you pay on Meetup or $20 cash/check at the door

Five Ways Professionals Play it Small & How to Play a Bigger Game

Presented by Patti Cotton, CEO
Executive Coaching, Management Consulting

Most business owners and other professionals are capable of much more than they currently produce and enjoy – a more profitable business, greater health, and a much more rewarding life in general. Yet, these talented people get in their own way. In fact, their brains actively fight against them succeeding at higher levels.

If you are a business owner, executive, or other professionals, and you secretly know you have more in you than you are currently realizing, then join Patti to learn why this is happening, and how you can actually break through whatever is holding you back in just five simple steps.

In this interactive session, Patti will teach you:

The missing ingredient in your personal vision that will interfere with your results

How your brain secretly competes with your desires to keep you in a stuck state – and how to train it to master the change you desire

Why confronting your fear “The Nike Way” will never work – and the 5-step tool that will actually help you break through

Come and learn the 5-point tool that will help you break through to the success you desire and deserve!

Patti Cotton works with business owners, executives and their teams to maximize leadership and results. She is a Fortune 500 speaker, executive coach, and management consultant possessing more than 25 years of leadership both stateside and abroad, in the profit and not-for-profit worlds, and specifically in the realms of diplomatic relations, public affairs, marketing, and communications. Cotton’s client roster includes such notables as Bank of America, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Harvard University, Sysco, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, Girl Scouts of America, and more.  Her volunteer service supports alternatives to domestic violence and at-risk youth.  Cotton is a two-time recipient of The President’s Lifetime Award for Volunteer Service and has just been nominated for a third.

3 Keys to Standing Out and Attracting Raving Fan Clients You Love

With Sean Stewart

In this powerful live talk, Sean D Stewart, transformational rapper and business coach, will share the critical keys to standing out in today’s crowded marketplace — by sharing your true self more authentically in your work.  

You’ll learn the secrets to:

  • Owning the true message you are meant to share and becoming unapologetic in what you stand for
  • Breaking through your fear of visibility and positioning yourself as the leader of your own movement
  • Magnetizing clients you LOVE working with, without using effort-based or “push” marketing
  • Realizing untapped potential within you and rekindling your passion for your life’s work
  • Creating a thriving 6 or 7 figure business based on your one-of-a-kind gifts and talents

Whether you a business owner, artist, musician, change agent, healer or more… you will gain powerful insights from this talk that will up-level your mindset, paradigms and business results, fast.

Sean Stewart is a transformational sales coach, trainer, and speaker who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs to actualize their ‘best self’ and build lucrative lifestyle friendly businesses they love. With a background as a poet, songwriter and artist, Sean brings a fresh approach to the transformation and business industries, infusing his events and workshops with live music, spoken word poetry, and freestyle rapping. Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, Fox News and in The New York Times and his core mission is to inspire individuals to answer their call to share more their gifts and talents through their work and achieve their greatest potential in life and business.

What to share/bring:

  • Business Cards
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What topics do you present?
  • Examples of presentations you’ve led


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